Window Enlargement

Window Enlargement can be used to increase light and airflow to your living spaces..

Window & Door Enlargement in Toronto, ON

A enlargement project is a great way of bringing light, space and air circulation into your home. Most people are not aware that they have the option of expanding an existing window or even create a window where there was none before.

Expanding the number and type of openings in your home is often only limited by your creativity. Here are some reasons why you might want to enlarge a window:

  • Capture western sun to bring more light into your home
  • Create an opening to allow you to see a part of your garden
  • Enlarge a basement window to meet fire regulations for making it a livable unit
  • Enlarge an existing window to increase light and air flow

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Window Enlargement, Cut Out and Cut Down

With window enlargements, people are sometimes concerned about the structural integrity of the house. The extent to which you should worry about structure depends on the type of renovation you are looking for.

The easiest and least invasive type of cut out is the cut-down. This is when you are cutting a window “down” to expand it vertically. Since you are not removing adjacent studs, this type of window cutout does not require a permit and is performed most often.

Other enlargements such as window expansions and creation of new openings are more complicated. Since they require cutting into adjacent walls, it’s important to make sure that any work being done doesn’t affect the structural stability of your home. Our trained staff will help you acquire permits (if required) and advise on ways to minimize the overall structural impact.

If you are looking to enlarge basement windows, either to create an egress window or to bring in more light, there are a few of things to keep in mind:

  1. The walls of your basement are made from concrete and require specialized saws and equipment to cut.
  2. Depending on the position of your basement window, cutting may require creating or expanding an existing window well
  3. Some manual or machinery digging might be required to move ground surrounding the expanded opening.

Window enlargement before and after

How much does a window enlargement cost?

Every situation is unique and we are always happy to offer a free consultation for your cut out project. To give you a general idea of the costs involved with window cut outs, here is a range of prices for various projects:

Service                 Price Rangenew cut out window

Enlargement – Side   $600-$800

Enlargement –  Top    $500-$700

Enlargement – Down  $200-$400

Additional services that may be required:

Service                 Price Range

Digging                 Starting at $200

Concrete Cut      Starting at $300

Window Well     $200-$400



Why Us?

Trust our team for your window enlargement project. We start by offering a free consultation to create a plan for your project. By consulting with one of our professional installers (not a salesman),  we can help you navigate the entire process and make sure you understand the scope and requirements.

Choosing a professional installer will help you avoid costly mistakes. Especially when cutting is involved, it’s important to have an experienced professional to navigate the hurdles. Improper installation and draining of windows will cause water to accumulate and slowly leak into the living space. Insulation and sealing can be costly on your monthly energy bill so saving money by doing it yourself can cost you more in the long run.

We pride ourselves in being incredibly efficient. We work for longer hours than other crews to complete the job and cleanup on the same day. This means less hassle and interruption for you and your family.

Call us today to get a free consultation from one of our certified professionals.

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