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Basement window replacement brings more light and strengtehtns the foundation of your home

Basement Window Replacement in Toronto, ON

 Although often overlooked, taking care of your basement means taking care of the foundation of your home. A healthy basement is important for both the structural support of your home and for the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Since basements are often humid, installing proper basement windows is vital for keeping your basement mould and infection free.

Leaky or perforated window frames can be a significant cause of humidity in a basement. Unlike wood frames, vinyl frames prevent moisture from entering the basement and causing damage to the foundation of your home. When homeowners see water on the cool concrete basement walls, they wrongly assume that there is some kind of leakage. In fact, the moisture itself is condensation forming from the warm humid air outside. In addition, the window frames themselves will not absorb moisture and maintain their structural integrity over time.  Vinyl is an excellent material when it comes to insulation and thermal control. In many cases, basements are also a source of energy loss for your home. Inadequate seal and insulation can mean that your basement windows are costing you more on your energy bill each month.

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Basement Window Cost

The cost of basement windows can vary significantly depending on the cost and quality of materials and labour. The short answer to the cost questions is that replacing a standard basement window will run you in the area of $300 per window.

Having said that, when determining the cost of your basement window project, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind:

Size – This may be an obvious point, but the price of your window depends on the amount of material and glass surface that is required to assemble it. Bigger windows require stronger and sturdier frames to support the weight of the glass and are therefore more expensive than smaller windows.

Will the window be used for egress? – Classifying windows as “egress windows” means they fit certain provincial and municipal standards. This usually means that they are large enough and accessible to allow a person to exit through them in the event of a fire. Aside from keeping your family members safe in the event of an emergency, egress windows are mandatory in some cases in order for a basement to qualify as a separate living unit.  You can learn more about egress windows by reading the information on our home page.

Type of installation – Depending on the condition of your current windows, different types of installations can be used. If your old wooden window has been exposed to lots of moisture, it may be necessary to recreate the foundation of the window and install the frame on top of that. This is also called a brick-to-brick installation and is more expensive than just replacing the window itself. To determine the type of installation our experts will have to examine the current state of your window.

Style ­– There are many different styles of windows that can fit a basement opening. When people think of basement windows they often think of a small set of horizontal windows that hardly have any glass space. In fact, basement windows can be almost any type of window. Whether you are looking to let more light or air into your basement, reduce your energy bill or install frosted privacy windows, the style of the window will affect the price of the window.

Is cutting required? – We are often asked to enlarge basement windows to allow more light into a dark basement. Cutting is also commonly needed to ensure the window qualifies under the egress window regulations. Cutting into the foundation of your home should never be done lightly. It is important to examine the options and evaluate the best course of action. For example, cutting a window vertically is more cost effective than cutting vertically because you are less likely to interfere with the foundation that way. Special equipment and saws are also required in order to cut concrete basements windows. The complexity and quantity of the cut will determine the additional cost to your basement window project.

Window enlargement before and after


Basement Window Installation

For the most part, installing a basement window is a fairly straight-forward process. So much so that some homeowners choose to do it themselves. Even if you are planning to do it yourself, it makes sense to get a professional consultation before undertaking any project. Sizing your basement window incorrectly can lead to very costly consequences. Improper seal can let in moisture and result in mold.

The type of installation required will also depend greatly on the current state of your window. For example, retrofitting a vinyl window with another vinyl window is often fast an easy. Complications can arise when the underlying foundation of the window has been exposed to the elements and is showing signs of rot or decomposition. In that case, retrofitting the window won’t solve any existing insulation or air leakage and will require a brick-to-brick installation (meaning a re-build of the foundation of the window).

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Trust our team for your basement window replacement project. We start by offering a free consultation to create a plan for your project. By consulting with one of our professional installers (not a salesman),  we can help you navigate the entire process and make sure you understand the scope and requirements.

Choosing a professional installer will help you avoid costly mistakes. Especially when cutting is involved, it’s important to have an experienced professional to navigate the hurdles. Improper installation and draining of windows will cause water to accumulate and slowly leak into the living space. Insulation and sealing can be costly on your monthly energy bill so saving money by doing it yourself can cost you more in the long run.

We pride ourselves in being incredibly efficient. We work for longer hours than other crews to complete the job and cleanup on the same day. This means less hassle and interruption for you and your family.

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