Egress Window Installation Case Study

Window Cut Out and Installation in Brampton

Egress Window Installation in Brampton, ON

Project Goal:

When Rampart contacted us about cutting out new windows in his basement we were excited to take on the challenge. This new build in Brampton had large spacious window openings on the top floor but the basement was dark and desolate. 

Rampart had a couple of simple requirements; he wanted to let in more light and air into his basement. He also wanted one of the windows to be large enough to allow him to carry slabs of drywall into his unfinished basement.


interior of house with proposed cut outs


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With several tons of bricks weighing down on the basement, cutting out windows had to be a delicate process. We had to make sure that none of the load-bearing walls are disturbed and that the weight of the brick is safely supported. 

On the interior of the house, our new planned window spanned the length of 10 joists. Those had to be supported internally to make sure that the new opening can support the weight of the joists above.


Project Outline:

When our estimator, Konstantin came out to the job site, there were a few things he had to consider before pricing this job. 

  • A row of bricks had to be removed above each new window and a metal lintel had to inserted for support
  • A wooden header had to be inserted above the window to support the joists above
  • 2 concrete slabs had to be cut, removed, and disposed of
  • A concrete sill had to be installed at the length of both windows
  • 2 styles of windows had to be installed; a casement window to allow for maximum light and airflow as well as a double slider tilt window that can be easily operated but also opened to allow the drywall slabs to be brought in with ease

Cutting the new windows below the existing ones meant that we didn’t have to disturb current load-bearing walls and there was no threat to the structural integrity of the house. 

With the above considerations, we estimated the cost of the project to be $5500 + HST.


Altogether, it took our crew one day to complete the work. The concrete with cut externally without allowing any dust or debris to penetrate the basement. 

Rampart was very satisfied with his new windows and the feel of the basement was transformed into a spacious environment to be used and enjoyed by the whole family. 

Front of the house before and after window cut out

Text message from satisfied customer

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