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Egress Windows in Hamilton, ON

Both homeowners and investors in Hamilton are making the most of their properties with the installation of egress windows. Egress windows are mandatory when converting a basement into a legal living apartment. Whether for relatives or tenants, the increase in living space improves both the availability and affordability of housing in Hamilton and is highly encouraged by the city.

A second living unit is not the only reason to install an egress window in your home or basement. Egress windows are also a great way to bring more light into the room, increase ventilation and of course, provide a means of exit for you and your loved ones in case of a fire or emergency.

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Egress Window Regulations in Hamilton

The municipality of Hamilton doesn’t lay out any specific regulations or bylaws concerning egress windows. All the egress regulations are dictated by the Ontario building code which lists the following rules:

  1. If there is no door that provides access to the exterior, every floor needs to have an egress window that:
    1. Can be opened from the inside without any tools
    2. Has an open portion with a minimum area of 3.8 sqft (with no one dimension that is smaller than 15 inches)
    3. Can maintain the above opening without any supportEgress window size hamilton
  2. The bottom sill of the window must not be higher than 40 inches above the floor (You can use a step to reach the required height)
  3. If the window opens into a window well, the window needs to have a clearance of at least 22 inches in front of it
  4. If the above window has a sash, the sash should not obstruct the opening or operation of the window in a way that will reduce the required clearance
  5. If there is a window well cover, it should be openable from the inside without the use of any special tools or knowledgeegress womdpw well size hamilton

Hamilton bylaws require that renovations and modifications to a property be made by first obtaining a permit from the city. The permit should have a drawing of the proposed modification and its impact on the structure.

Egress window installation in Hamilton

Assessment – When you contact our experts we will schedule a free estimate to review and understand the scope of your project. This is the part where we discuss the needs of your project and make sure that we can execute it in the safest and most efficient manner. From our wide experience installing egress windows, we can often suggest measures that will reduce the overall cost of your project and enhance the look and functionality of the egress system.

Scheduling – We will work around your schedule to meet you at your home for a free, no obligation estimate of your project. Our estimators are usually available on weekends and evenings to accommodate your working day.

Installation – Our expert installers will complete the project from start to finish. Many people don’t appreciate the importance of a professional and timely installation. We often hear about projects that drag on for weeks because of poor planning or a sloppy execution. Our installers get it right the first time with minimal disruption to you and your neighbours.

Finish and cleanup – One aspect of the installation that is often overlooked is the cleanup. Mess, debris and excess materials are left for the homeowner to deal with. Our crews are trained to leave a job site better than how they found it. We remove and dispose of all excess materials at no extra cost. This includes your old windows, doors, and cut out materials.


Egress window installation in Hamilton before after

Other services

The installation of egress windows often involves a variety of services that come together to produce an egress window, we are happy to help you with a complete installation or any of the individual parts required as part of a larger project:

  • Concrete cutouts
  • Window enlargements
  • Door enlargements
  • Window well installation
  • Drainage systems
  • Basement window replacement
  • Basement walkouts
  • Second entrance
  • And More!

Window wells and drainage in Hamilton

Because egress windows are often found below ground level, window wells have to be dug to allow clearance for the window sash to open. Window wells can sometimes pose a problem during rain and snowmelt because water can enter the window well and cause basement leaks and flooding. Installing proper drainage is vital for preventing future costly problems.

Before digging around the property it is a good idea to make sure that there aren’t any hidden sewer and drainage lines buried underground. This can be done by contacting Ontario One Call, a service that lets you know if there any hidden lines or pipes below the surface. This service covers all of Ontario including Hamilton and the surrounding areas.

About Hamilton, ON

Hamilton is a city in southwestern Ontario. It is the ninth largest municipality in Ontario with a population of 530,000 residents.  The city was formed in 2001 through the joining of several neighbouring municipalities. Hamilton is also home to Macmaster University, the 4th ranked university in Canada.

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