Egress Window Installation Case Study

Window enlargement and installation in Maple

Egress Window Installation in Maple, ON

Project Goal:

When Shelly and her husband were getting ready to move to a new house in a Richmond Hill suburb, they thought their basement would be the ideal sanctuary for their teenage son. 

There was only one problem, a big problem actually, Daniel who is 6’3” would not have a means of escaping the basement in the event of a fire or other emergency. The existing basement window was 30 inches wide and 8 inches high. Hardly enough space to squeeze through in a pinch. 

Basement window before enlargement

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The other concern was energy efficiency. The current windows were sliders that were starting to show their age. Low quality slider windows are known for allowing air to penetrate between the sashes. Especially slider windows that aren’t made by a quality manufacturer. This can often mean that a light breeze is felt close to the window and low thermal efficiency during the winter months. 

With the safety and comfort of their son at top of mind, Shelly decided to contact Egress Experts to install a proper means of escape.


Shelly booked a free consultation with our rep Konstantin to estimate the work required and associated costs. After visiting the property and reviewing the scope of the project, we identified some unique challenges with enlarging Shelly’s basement window. 

First, the basement is finished, which means that we have to prevent dust from entering and polluting the basement. This is especially important when there is carpeting in the basement, removing concrete dust from carpeting can be a lengthy and frustrating process. 

Second, the interior has unique finishing that will needs to be restored to match the existing trim and drywall shape. 

On the exterior, the close proximity of the existing window to the ground level means that we will need to excavate, secure the ground with a window well and install proper drainage

Last, a gas line and the AC are in close proximity to the window, which meant that we will have to be extra careful not to damage either of those.

window trim and exterior view


In order to price this job we took a few important elements into account:

  • Digging was required below 22” inches of depth
  • A substantial amount of soil needed to be excavated and disposed of
  • A drainage pipe had to be installed and connected to the weeping tile
  • Concrete needed to be cut down to 36 inches 
  • New, energy-efficient windows were to be installed
  • The interior drywall had to be rebuilt and matching trim needed to be installed

All considering, the cost of the project is $2400 + HST.


About 2 weeks after our consultation with Shelly, our crew set out to complete the project. From beginning to end, the work was done in about half a day, including cleani-up and finishing touches.

The window was succesfully enlarged to meet the egress standards and now the basement offers a safe means of escape in case of a fire.

We later showed Shelly how to operate her new window and she couldn’t be happier with it!

after window enlargement and egress isntallation


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