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Basement egress windows serve multiple purposes. Traditional basement windows block light from entering your basement. Creating an egress window well will improve light flow into your basement and give your room a spacious feel. 

If you are looking to create a separate apartment in the basement, Ontario code calls for creating egress windows. Our egress window experts will help you understand the Ontario egress window regulations to create a legal living space. 

Creating a walkout/walk-up basement can add to the value of your home. It is also a great option for creating a separate living space that will not disturb the main occupant. 

The Process: 

If excavation is required, our Egress Windows Experts utilize specialized equipment to dig the holes in a manner preserves your natural landscape, and to protects your house. 

We will use your existing window opening, and when necessary, create cut outs and window enlargements to meet Ontario building codes. 

We will then install your window, and use a white cement repair to finish. This will not only prevent, and stop leaks, but will also give your window an appealing look. 

Please do not hesitate to ask about any custom jobs you would like to see done after the process is complete.


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Basement Walkouts/Walk-Ups

Basement Walkouts

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When should you install egress windows?

By definition, an egress window is a window that acts as a means of exit. In Ontario and other Canadian provinces, there are specific requirements for what qualifies as an “egress window”. These specifications outline the type and size a window has to be in order to be considered an egress window. As mentioned above, one of the main reasons to install an egress window is to create a legal living apartment in the basement. Ontario fire code sets out regulations for the material and operation of a window that can be used in case of a fire. The regulations call for an egress window under 3 conditions:

  1. The building is 3 stories or less
  2. There is no door that provides access to the exterior
  3. The suite is not equipped with fire sprinklers

It is also important to note that an egress window is not required in every bedroom. As long as there is an egress window somewhere on the same level it is in compliance with the Ontario building code.

What are the requirements for egress windows?

The Ontario code sets out requirements for the size, type and operation an egress window.

  1. The window must be operable from the inside without the use of keys, tools or special knowledge.
  2. The window must have an unobstructed opening not less than 3.8 square feet. This size requirement refers to the size of the opening, not simply the area of glass or window. The window must also be able to maintain that opening without requiring additional support. (see image below)
  3. In the case of basement windows, often a window well is required. The well must be out from the window at least 22” to provide passage to the exterior.

egress window opening requirements

It is also recommended that the window is not higher than 5 feet above the ground. This can be somewhat challenging in a basement. In such cases, some elevation device or piece of furniture can be used to assist.

Furthermore, the Ontario building code sets out requirements for the types of windows that can be used for egress.

Single or double slider window egress

The clear opening for a single slider includes only the portion that slides. The part that lifts and removes does not count for the area of the clear opening.


slider window egress dimensions diagram

Casement window egress

The hinges on a casement egress windows must support the sash that will swing out to create a 15” clearance (see image below). This may require the window to have specially fitted hinges.

casement window egress dimensions

Awning egress window

The supports that are usually found in awning windows can not interfere with the clear opening. The sash must also be able to remain in open position without any additional support.

awning window egress dimensions diagram

Single or double hung egress window

Window must remain in open position without any additional support.

hung window egress dimensions

Tilt & turn

Window can be opened without use of tools or special knowledge

tilt turn egress window dimensions diagram

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